ancient | human | spirit

I am a visual artist living in Maine. I choose to work in encaustic, an ancient method of painting using wax and pigment fused with heat because this process allows me to make many thin, translucent layers as well as embed natural objects: A sheet of mica, a mineral, petals, plants, and insects. Within each piece, I layer some combination of grids, letters, numbers, geometric patterns, and natural forms. 

Taken together, objects, patterns, and forms are my attempt to select and catalog - perhaps deify – some small aspects of the natural world as they intersect with the human-made world of language and symbol and the world of the spirit.

I choose these elements as I choose all of the aspects of my paintings - for their meanings and their beauty.  Inherent in my work are the themes of transformation and interconnectedness, which are part of being a mother, a partner, and a member of the human family.

Sara Crisp has mounted solo exhibitions throughout New England and New York. She has also participated in numerous group exhibitions, and received several awards and reviews. Crisp studied art at the Rhode Island School of Design and is represented by Denise Bibro Fine Art in New York City. Sara lives in Maine with her husband, woodworker Gregg Lipton. They have two grown children, Isaac and Miles.